How our processing works



In year 2014, KISSAN FOODS has initiated a brand new State of Art processing facility for Wheat Flour, Porridge (Dalia), Gram Flour (Besan) and Corn Flour (Makki Atta). The total Production capacity is 24 metric tons in one day. The plant has fully automated three step cleaning process that ensures removal of every bit of foreign particle to get Cleanest and purest form of Flour.

The Process

After physical Inspection, Grading & Checking Moisture content of Wheat Grains, Wheat is put into large container fitted in floor. Three automated conveyor belts takes out equal quanitity of Wheat Grains for three step cleaning process for removing all unwanted particles. After thorough cleaning, grains are again diverted into two parts for making wheat flour with Bran and wheat flour without Bran. One more Section ensures to make Porridge (Dalia) Meanwhile other four sections are making Wheat Flour. The processsed Flour is then taken into one large container overhead from where one outlet connects it to Automatic Packing System that packs the processsed Flour in various pack as per requriements. This Production cycle ensures mínimum wastage, complete Hygine and purest quality of Flour. The packed Flour is then Transported & Delievered to various Customers in mínimum time which ensures its freshness and Aroma. Whole process is constantly monitored under skilled supervisor for ensuring top quality.